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Address: No. 64-74,Haixia Agricultural Fruit wholesale market,500 meters far from the exit of the north high speed road of Zhangzhou ,Fujian.

Fuda lemon production base

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Fuda lemon, the skin thin and flesh is thick,taste crisp no bitter and astringent, The point that it is very cheap, so it is Widely praised by customers and the repeat customer is 100%. Fuda have Lemon professional procurement team at lemon cultivation base in Anyue,Shichuan, , specialized procurement fresh lemon. Fuda lemon not only picking lemon with high quality and also save several layers of wholesalers handling fee to ensure inexpensive lemon.

Take the brand line, the fruit quality will be more assured. With decades of fruit wholesale operation experience, only those fruit with stabibility high quality Fuda can keep its own brand, and adhere to "to sell, sell the best.It said that the rich rain and fertile soil in Anyue Shichuan , is the unique high-quality conditions for lemon plant, so the quality of Anyue lemon is better than lemon from the United States, Italy, the quality can be named world first-class, so its excellent variety which can not only be fresh eat but also can be processed food.

In order to ensure the high quality of lemon Fuda professional procurement team selected high-quality, standardized lemon orchard to cooperate.When lemon is ripe, the worker go for artificial eye selection at orchard, to pick up those type of uniformly elliptic,the lemon not soak fresh pesticide and sent to nearby packing factory directly, then go ahead automation machinery picking according to the weight and quality,finally sent for packaged according to different levels.

Although the preservation period of lemon is very long, up to a month, but in order to let customers to enjoy teste the fresh lemon, Fuda still have to take preservation measures for lemon,after package lemon were sent to professional cold storage, sale and outbound cold chain transport to the wholesale market. Whih the high reservation technology and professional procurement ,the every single of Fuda lemon is fresh and juicy, without acerbity feeling,so that theFuda lemon was well known in domestic fruit market.