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Fuda fruit has 30 years of operating history, it is one of the largest fruit wholesaler in south Fujian.We have numbers of our own large fruit production base,up to now we have the fruit production base of Vietnam pitaya production base  、Xinjiang grape production base、Fuda kiwi production base、Jinlu apple of Fuda production base、Fuda lemon production base. Fuda have cooperate with the Xinjiang construction corps, purchase all kinds of grape more than one millions kilograms per year.Fuda output Vietnam pitaya more than five millions kilograms annually. Fuda is the only one wholesaler in Zhangzhou who perchase the cherry from cherry prodcutdion base in Chile.The fist hand wholesale advantage ensure Fuda fruit is fresh and own Competitive price ,Fuda fruit are well know at domestic fruit market. Read More

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JinlubrandappleofFudaisoneofthemostpopular domesticappleonthemarketinZhangzhou,theniceredcolor,goodshape, fleshcrisp,fruitysweet,fragrant,favoredbypeople,itwasknownas "themostauthenticappletaste". Jinlubrand

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Fuda sales center is located in Agricultural fruit wholesale market of Zhangzhou , with a area of 5000 square meters. it is the largest wholesale company in the market .The sales center is equipped with a central storage, container cars, domestic and foreign cash register area and administrative Read More


Zhangzhou Fuda Fruit CO.,LTD. Tel:0596-6666168 6658699 Fax:0596-6666392 Service QQ:3081569471 Wechat:fudafruit Address:No. 64-74,Haixia Agricultural Fruit wholesale m Read More