zui好吃的水果来了!黑加仑、青提、红提每串都水当当,还有Q脆的红肉菠萝蜜~~_Fuda fruit
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Here comes the delicious fruit! Black currants, green tea and red tea are packed with water and Q crispy red meat jackfruit.

Author:This station | Comefrom:Original | AddTime:May-08-2020

Vietnamese red meat jackfruit
The whole cabinet arrived today! The freshest jackfruit is coming!

The flesh is orange red, the fragrance is sweeter, the flesh is fat, delicate and crispy.
The fruit powder that likes to eat, start decisively, dish it!

black currant
Black currant, known as Hermes in the fruit industry, is a perfect combination of health care and fashion. Most of them are made into raisins, or are brewed into high-grade red wine by Westerners. There are few fresh imported black currants.
Blackcurrant is rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids and other antioxidants, and is recognized as an anti-aging fruit at home and abroad.

Fuda selects fresh blackcurrants imported from overseas, with just the right ratio of sour and sweet, to give you unlimited enjoyment of taste, one in the mouth, you are the aristocrat!

About 13 yuan per kilogram, the price is super close to the people, enough to let you have a super good taste experience, whether it's fruit vendors or their own consumption, you are worth it!

Seedless extraction
The picture shows the quality. The fruit powder is the main sign of freshness. The seedless picks of fidelity are evenly wrapped with the fruit powder. The white fruit powder is covered with the bright red of the peel. I want to try more.

Just unloaded in the cold chain cabinet, I tried to eat one. With a "pop" in my mouth, the juice and pulp burst through the thin skin and spewed out directly. It's tender and juicy, sweet and delicious. It's really wonderful!

The prices of the three brands are different, but the average price per Jin is about 10 yuan, and the taste is very good. It's the season of importing raisins. When is it better not to eat at this time.

Red extraction
The ruby from Chile has a green and green fruit base. The fruit has a cool fragrance and a very fresh degree.

The granules are large, the flesh is full, crisp, sweet and juicy, the flesh is tender, and the peel is easy to peel.

Delicious nutrition, high standard quality, less than 10 yuan per Jin, the price is also very beautiful, has been popular!

Qing Ti
Bright green, crisp taste, fresh taste, sweet but not greasy, is the favorite of children and young people.

Round fruit string, tight fruit particles, excellent freshness.

Less than 17 yuan per kilogram is the most expensive of the raisins, but please believe that there is a reason why they are expensive. The good taste is only known after eating.

Snow red plum
There are so many imported plums, but most of them are soft and not fresh.
Here comes Fidelity's super fresh snow red plum, which keeps the branches fresh. Each one feels hard and the bite is crisp.

It is round and full, sweet and sour and crisp, with fragrant lips and teeth, thick meat, small core, no residue, crisp peel, refreshing flesh, and excellent taste.

Mangosteen in Thailand
With a mouthful of sweet, wake up your sleeping taste buds.
As we all know, the white pulp and the sweet taste of mangosteen give people cool pleasure in this dreary summer.

Smooth, soft, fresh and sweet, each mouth is a unique tropical flavor.

Picking fruit trees with high age, the peel is slightly vicissitudes, but such an old tree absorbs enough sunlight and moisture. All the essence is deposited on this snow-white pulp and shows its sweetness.

New Zealand fruit
The crunchy apple, the delicate flesh, each inch of flesh is full of juice, sweet and sour, fragrant.
New Zealand imports, pure water irrigation, higher nutrition than ordinary apples, beauty experts, top-grade goods Oh.

Fidelity fruit
30 years fruit wholesale
Direct batch supply of fruit producing areas in the world