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After the fruit does not decline without a trace of seeking cheap fruit

Author: | Comefrom: | AddTime:Jun-29-2015

With the beginning of the work, the 15 year of the Spring Festival has ended, in accordance with previous years practice, because the Spring Festival before the people's home will prepare some fruit snacks, so the market price of fruit will be decreased. However, after the Spring Festival this year, the fruit price is not reduced, but there is a small rise.
According to China food and beverage network reporter learned that after the Spring Festival, the country's fruit prices did not appear significant decline, the current overall price of fruit is still running high, and the price was significantly higher than the same period last year. In Changsha, a supermarket, the reporter saw an adequate supply of all kinds of fruit, the orange, tangerine, longan and other southern fruit prices were small amplitude increases, the rising amplitude 7\\\%. The most powerful is the banana, the Spring Festival period, the price of 34 yuan a banana, and now to 48 yuan a piece, up 41\\\%.
According to reports, the current sugar orange prices for 8 yuan a catty, pear price is 6 yuan a catty, pitaya is 7 yuan a catty, kumquat is 7 yuan a catty, Apple 6 yuan a pound. Insiders said that after the Lantern Festival, with the rise in temperature, the transport of fresh and more convenient, that time the price of fruit will be decreased.
It is worth noting that, with the end of the Spring Festival, the price has dropped a lot of fruit gift boxes. In a mall, gift fruit basket diving sale, as long as a 68. Due to packaging for a long time, many baskets of plastic wrap cast a layer of water vapor, inside some hard to preserve the fruit has Yan, people be afraid of buy good quality fruit basket, would rather choose bulk fruit. (China Food & Beverage network)