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Qingdao customs clearance cooperation clearance large speed imported fruit 24 hours on the table

Author:fuda | Comefrom:fuda | AddTime:Jun-29-2015

March 5, is located in Jimo Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin international trading center of agricultural and sideline products faction prosperity, a company from Vietnam import value of 24 million yuan fresh dragon fruit, arriving a day it settles to customs clearance, to successfully enter the market sales in the Lantern Festival.
Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin international agricultural and sideline products trading center imported fruit port in Shandong Province first fruits designated ports of entry, the Qingdao port customs, Qingdao entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to implement the "three in one" cooperation mode of clearance pilot in the port, namely a declaration, an inspection, a release, the previous two sectors series operation, the independent operation of the two sets of procedures, integration for parallel operation, synchronous operation of rapid clearance mode, than in the past customs clearance time save nearly doubled. "For the import of fresh fruit enterprises is concerned, the time is very important. Customs clearance once the delay, a sharp decline in fruit quality, enterprises not only to bear the huge economic losses, but also the loss of a large number of customers." Customs, inspection and quarantine cooperation in customs seized, past need 3 to 5 working days to run the clearance, now the fastest 24 hours can be completed, average for the enterprise to save the clearance time 30\\\\\\\%, logistics cost is saved and the 50\\\\\\\%, agent for the import of the goods Bondex Logistics Co., Ltd. manager Jia Jun Wang said.
Since it is understood, since the end of 2014 enabled new customs clearance mode, the center has rapid import all kinds of fruit of more than 3000 tons, the value of nearly 1400 million yuan, and gradually change the imported fruits in Qingdao area the coastal ports of entry and then transported to the local history, the quality of fresh fruit imports more quickly put on the table of citizens in Qingdao. (Internet)